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Write Emails That Sell

Compose perfect cold emails - even if you're not a copywriter!

Struggling to get cold email replies?

Do your prospects open but not reply?
Are you using the right sales tone?
Unsure how to be more persuasive?
Are prospects ghosting you?​​

Polished helps you write perfect cold emails - even if you're not a copywriter.

Polished Solutions Clear Messaging

Clear, Powerful Messages

Salespeople use complex sentences, cluttered adjectives and confusing adverbs. This makes prospects dizzy. Polished blasts out stunningly clear messages that connect with prospects.

Polished Emotional Connections

Build Emotional Connections

93% of cold emails use self-centred messaging - a wickedly effective way to alienate prospects. Polished heats up your emails with empathetic language that supercharges response rates.

Polished More Cold Email Opens

More Sales In Less Time

Are you wasting time on inefficient outreach? Many salespeople fail to make quota because they invest in outdated strategies. Polished is a live source of breakthrough sales tactics. Our insider information will get you closing more deals in less time.

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