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Author Ben Holm by Ben Holm | Updated Nov 19, 2020

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Limited Free Trial B2B Contact Data 4.8 on

Voila Norbert has an extensive list of integrations. Perfect if you want to bring your contact data directly into Zapier, Salesforce, Pipedrive, Mailshake, Drip, ReplyApp, Hubspot, Mailchimp, SendGrid or others. Voila Norbert also includes social media profile information to help with a multi-channel outbound approach. ricing starts at $49 per month.

Starter pricing: $0.05 per contact



Limited Free Trial B2B Contact Data Favourite Tool 4.8 on

Uplead provides detailed B2B contact data and a strong email verification process. Their data is highly accurate and regularly updated. Uplead includes a batch email verification tool for validating long lists of email addresses. Social media profiles have also been added to the contact data so you can quickly reach out via multiple channels. In addition, the Chrome extension and CRM integrations make UpLead a well rounded offering.

Starter pricing: $0.5 per contact


Cloud Lead

Limited Free Trial B2B Contact Data Favourite Tool 4.7 on

Cloud Lead is a high-touch service that provides human-verified contact data. Tell Cloud Lead about your ideal customer profile and they'll send it over. Their turnaround times are speedy and the data quality is high. As a bonus, the leads also arrive with a score so you can allocate resources effciently.

Starter pricing: NA



Limited Free Trial B2B Contact Data 4.6 on

Lead411 provides B2B contact along with sales triggers. Job postings, job promotions, changes in revenue, competitor announcements and other events are provided as sales trigger alerts so you can get in touch at the right time. Lead411 also provides an email and SMS automation workflow to help speed up your engagement. Their Chrome extension lets you pull contact data and export it directly into your CRM.

Starter pricing: $0.3 per contact



Freemium B2B Contact Data 4.3 on

The UI for LinkedIn is oustanding. It provides contextual data and is easy to use. Lusha emphasizes quality over quantity and features a high accuracy rate.

Starter pricing: $1.3 per contact



Freemium B2B Contact Data 4.3 on

Leadiro is cheap and the search function is fast. The filtering functions are straightforward and let you quickly isolate the data you're interested in. The standout feature is Leadiro's technographic intelligence. This lets you find and filter through prospects using over 6k technologies including CRM, accounting software, marketing automation tools and anti-virus software.

Starter pricing: $0.2 per contact



Freemium B2B Contact Data 4.3 on

Hunter alllows you to see which pages email addresses were scrapped from. It comes with a useful browser extension and the data is generally reliable. Hunter also includes a library of cold email templates however, unless you're doing mass outreach with a low price solution we'd recommend against that approach.

Starter pricing: $0.1 per contact


Clearbit Prospector

Freemium B2B Contact Data 4.1 on

Clearbit's free plan which works with Gmail gives you 100 free credits per month per user. Paid plans start at $20,000 for an annual contract. It comes with integrations for Marketo and Salesforce. Clearbit provides rich contextual data including social media profiles and company information to help you find those A* leads.

Starter pricing: NA



Freemium B2B Contact Data 4 on

The browser extansion works on LinkedIn and corporate websites. This can speed up your contact search. Rocket Reach is one of the best value solutions out there. It includes links to the contacts social media profiles, great for multi-channel prospect. Beware tho, some of the email addresses need to be bounce checked.

Starter pricing: $0.3 per contact



Freemium B2B Contact Data 3.5 on

Skrapp comes with a useful Chrome extension that lets you grab contact data from LinkedIn. Users on G2 have noted that the accuracy rate could be improved.

Starter pricing: $0.04 per contact



Freemium B2B Contact Data 3.3 on

FindThatLead is great for people who want large quantities of data at a bargain price. It integrates with Zapier and Google Sheets. The accuracy rate could be better so we'd recommend running the email address data through a bounce checker.

Starter pricing: $0.001 per contact



Freemium B2B Contact Data | Market Intelligence Favourite Tool 4.4 on

If you're looking for an allround data provider for large marketing and sales teams ZoomInfo is a great choice. It comes with a wide range of extensions, company and contact info, and alerts for buying intent from your prospects. ZoomInfo is a premium solution. Their pricing might not scale well for companes with a small budget.

Starter pricing: $0.98 per contact



Freemium Market Intelligence 4.2 on

Owler is a business intelligence tool that lets you track companies and find buy signals. News alerts are sent daily via email. Owler's online platform provides rich company data, market trend data, and competitor intelligence. At $99/year Owler's pricing starter package is competitive. Start with a free account to see if their data provides leads in your sector.

Starter pricing: $1.98 per contact



Limited Free Trial Market Intelligence 4.2 on

Datanyze provides information on which digital technologies companies use. This includes the company's CRM, email marketing system, hosting provider site visitors and key contacts. If you're selling SaaS, Datanyze can help you find leads and contact information. They also have a selection of free tools if you want to get samples of their data.

Starter pricing: $600 per month



Freemium Video Outreach Favourite Tool 4.5 on

Vidyard helps you create and add videos to your outreach. The editing function is easy to use and allows you to switch between web cam video and a screen recording. The workflow is speedy. You can quickly embed the video into your email as a gif, image or link. Video hosting, alerts and analytics are included free of charge. Vidyard is my top pick due to its high deliverability success rate.

Starter pricing: $15 per month


Wistia Soapbox

Freemium Video Outreach 4.6 on

Wistia's Soapbox provides a quick and easy way to create and edit videos. The editing tools are intuitive and allow you to switch between screen recording and web cam. The free version does not come with tracking. Sales managers might find the paid feature that lets you analyze videos from all reps in one place and set default team branding useful.

Starter pricing: $300 per year ($25 per month)



Freemium Video Outreach 4.5 on

Loom provides a great all-round free version. It includes video creation, editing and tracking. Loom also includes the ability to take and share screenshots. The paid version includes that ability to add calls-to-action, custom screen drawings/highlights and custom branding.

Starter pricing: $10 per month



Freemium Website Lead Tracking 4.4 on

Leadfeeder lets you see which companies are visiting your website. Leadfeeder matches the IP address of your users to their database of IP addreses to deremine which company a user is from. Sales teams can then follow up and make contact with the company. The free version lets you see lead data from the last 3 days.

Starter pricing: $55 per month