Create Personalized Cold Email Sequences At Scale

You know that writing highly personalized cold emails gives you the best chance of converting leads. But personalizing emails takes a massive amount of time, right? In this guide, we’ll show you how to create personalized cold email sequences faster than you ever dreamed possible.

How To Create A Personalized Cold Email Sequence

Cold emails that only use simple merge tags like “company name” or “job title” are easily spotted and disregarded by prospects. They make emails feel generic and as a result, generate low reply rates.

To combat low reply rates, many reps have moved to the opposite extreme. They’ve invested excruciating hours into highly personalizing all their outreach. However, this approach is difficult to scale and may lead to reps missing quota because they are working too few leads.

Therefore, salespeople need a system that allows them to create highly personalized emails at scale. You can do this by finding common customer data points and turning them into Open Merge Tags (OMTs).

Open Merge Tags (OMTs)

Open merge tags (OMTs) are phrases or sentences you can drop into your templates. This gives prospects the impression that each email was individually typed out for them. Here’s an example:

Common OMTs

The key to using OMTs is finding common data points you can gather for most prospects. This will allow you to create sequences that fit the majority of your leads. Company websites, social media accounts, and Google are good places to search for OMT data points. Here are some examples:

  • came across your {{content on platform name}} | came across your post on LinkedIn
  • noticed your {{problem}} | noticed your website doesn’t have any recommended product widgets
  • saw {{breaking news}} | saw Alpha Corp just raised $2M
  • enjoyed your take on {{prospect’s take}} | enjoyed your take on why solar energy is going to beat wind
  • this might help {{prospect’s aim}} | this might help you save 45% on your corporate phone bill

How To Write A Personalized Cold Email Sequence

The strength of OMTs is that you can come back to them throughout your sequence. This makes it look like you’ve handcrafted each of your follow up messages.

Here’s an example continuing on from the first email above:

It’s best to try and use the OMTs in the first sentence as this creates an effective first impression.

Setting Up Your OMTs

To help you get started with OMTs we’ve set up a template here. It’s free to access and doesn’t require login details.

Go to: File > Make A Copy to create a version of the template on your GDrive. Thereafter, you can add your own OMTs and start filling in your customer data.

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