Creative Ways To Get Appointments With Prospects

You sent an email and you didn’t get a response. What’s next? If you’re relying on a small number of big deals or responses, this guide will give you creative ways to get appointments with prospects. These strategies are explosive but also time-consuming and/or expensive. Therefore, it’s best to limit these approaches to your best (tier 1) leads.

If you’re targeting a large number of small deals or responses then you need scale. Email is easy to scale. See how you can improve your emails here and scale up your email campaign here.

Overall Strategy

The goal is to stand out in a fun, memorable and personal way. If you can demonstrate that you are seriously invested in the relationship, it signals to the prospect that you have a lot of value to offer. Use your creativity and personality shine.

Ways To Get Appointments With Direct Mail

FedEx Letters

Executives at large corporates typically brush off cold email outreach. It’s a cheap and easy way of reaching them so they generally associate it with low-value propositions.

A FedEx letter shows you’re serious. It tells the prospect you put time and money into grabbing their attention. Because it requires a higher investment, this approach is typically associated with high-value propositions.

Here’s what a US-based Sales Executive had to say:

“The FedEx envelope is a breakthrough strategy. I find the names of executives on LinkedIn, then look up their office addresses. I send them a one-page pitch in a FedEx envelope. This has worked consistently. Within 2 to 3 days I get a response.”

Here’s what a prospect said when asked about this outreach:

“Not bad. This probably cost them $40 to $50.00. They wouldn’t have invested that money and time in someone who was not a good prospect. I probably am right for them. I’ll take the call.”

Funny Gifts

Including a funny gift or item with your pitch is a great way to stand out. The strongest pitches link the gift or item to the value of your solution.

The Copy Warrior

Dale Dupree – the Copy Warrior – came up with this stunner.

Hi my future friend,

We all know that the copier basically ruins people’s lives when they need to get anything important scanned or printed. Mainly because these are the only moments it decides to quit working. So – I present to you the “repair brick”. It’s a magic brick made specifically for your copier. Yes, yours!

These instructions walk you through using the brick on your copier when it is broken. These steps are very important! Please follow them closely.

  1. Pick up the brick with your throwing arm.
  2. Align yourself with the broken copier. Make sure to stand approximately 1’1″ from the device – this distance is easy to remember. The to remembering? Shaquille O’Neal’s height  the greatest center to ever play the sport! 
  3. Take your dominant hand, which should be holding the brick at this stage, wind up, and chuck that son-of-a-gun 101 mph at your broken copier. Or as hard and fast as you possibly can. This will help to expel all the rage you have bottled up inside toward it.
  4. Pick the brick up off the ground and gently nestle it near the copier with this note for the next frustrated employee to use. 

Or – just call me. We can grab lunch and you can tell me all about you and your business. It would be my honour to build a business relationship with you!

Here’s the brick.

(a foam brick is included with the text “copy warrior” printed on the side)

The Lumpy Package

Ash Ambirge was selling ad space for a real estate magazine called The New Home Guide. Ash was struggling to stand out so she got creative. She realised that a well-known idiom “through the roof” was perfectly suited to her industry (real estate). Her prospects could make their sales go “through the roof” by advertising on her site.

To bring this idiom to life, Ash found a pile of broken roof shingles and wrote the message below on them before mailing the package to prospects.

“You + Me = Sales through the roof.”

After mailing these customised shingles to prospects in the home-building industry, Ash received an unprecedented 100% response rate. As a result, she landed deals with most of the companies she targeted.

Topical Gifts From A Deal Broker

Here are some great examples courtesy of u/thesonofnarcs from his post titled “I sent an Airline CEO a bag of dog food and a restaurant executive a 6-foot plush crocodile: Here’s what I learned pitching executives at billion-dollar companies”

  1. Funny/outrageous gifts: if I couldn’t get an executives attention with a FedEx letter I’d find a funny item on Amazon to send them. I’d send it as a gift and include a one or two-sentence pitch in the gift note. I sent the head of Outback Steakhouse a 6 foot long, plush Crocodile (to fit in with Outback’s theme) through Amazon prime. I immediately got a callback.
  2. Food: it’s something I usually avoid. I was trying to reach one of the marketing execs of Darden in February so I had a box of chocolate-covered strawberries delivered to the office. She shared them with her team and I was able to land a meeting within 24 hours.
  3. I’m now brokering deals for a pet sitting platform with companies in the travel industry. The goal is for airlines, hotels, and booking sites to send out an offer for a free night of pet sitting after a booking. I first started with cold email. Since I could track who opened my initial email and how many times they opened it, I sent funny dog-related items through Prime. The CEO of a major airline opened my email 30 times so I sent him a 35-pound bag of dog food through Amazon Prime. It cost me $21. Within 4 days I had a call scheduled with their CMO.
  4. The head of partnerships at Airbnb opened my email over 25 times so I sent her a dog house and then a 5-foot tall plush dog through Prime. A week later I had a call with their head of business development.

A Deal Broker’s Closing Thoughts

“In two months I’ve had calls with 13 of the 15 biggest companies in the travel space and have deals in the works with two of them. The lesson I’ve learned is that it pays to be outrageous. No one else is doing it.”

Ways To Get Appointments With Video Messaging

There are plenty of free video messaging extensions that give you the ability to quickly send personalized videos.

  • SoapBox
  • Vidyard
  • Wistia

We’d recommend Vidyard because it had the highest deliverability rate when we tested these tools.

Video Sales Outreach Best Practices

When it comes to creating your video, here are some key guidelines:

  • Keep it short
  • Tailor your pitch to the prospect – call out specific reasons your solution is a good fit and name drop clients that are similar to them
  • Be positive – a light smile can instantly lift your energy and increase your charisma
  • Keep it well lit
  • Keep the background clean
  • Use the screen share to show off your product if relevant

Jeremy Leveille lip-synced the song “Welcome to Atlanta” while wearing an Atlanta Hawks throwback jersey. He finishes the song with a quick value proposition, then shouts-out existing customers in Atlanta the prospect would know.

Jeremy booked a meeting and got some great feedback from his prospects.

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