How To Add A Prospect On LinkedIn

You’re more likely to get a response from prospects if you use a multi-channel approach. Connecting with prospects on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram can be a great way to break through.

In the example below, Mellisa is a sales representative from ZipRecruiter. She’s approaching Brett Meinberg, the COO of GO Car Wash, a small Arizona-based company.

Engage With Prospects Before Adding Them

Melissa goes to Brett’s LinkedIn account. Under the “Activity” section she clicks on “see all”. She comments on his post from 6 days ago.

Huge congrats on the continued growth, Brett! Great compliments from Bobby Nami in the article.

Commenting on your prospect’s posts is a great way to warm up a lead. It gives you a chance to add value and show genuine interest in their business before asking them to do something for you – connect on LinkedIn.

Over the next 1-2 weeks Melissa checks in on Brett through Twitter and LinkedIn. Her goal is to leave 2-3 positive comments or tag him in a relevant post of her own.

Many SMEs are having to rework their hiring plans due to the economic downturn. This guide can highlight 5 key strategies you can use to shape your hiring plans @Brett Meinberg @Alice Chofsky @Peter Holt

Use Personalized Connection Messages

Next Melissa adds Brett on LinkedIn and includes a personalized note.

Hi Brett, awesome work on the acquisition of Bee Clean Car Washes. This looks like a huge step toward your goal of having 20 locations in the Greater San Antonio Region.

With more branches to manage, GO Car Wash might need to hire staff at short notice. Arizona companies like BlueStar Golf Resort have used ZipRecruiter to find and hire excellent staff in days.

Would you be open to learning more?

The personalised message gives Mellisa the best possible chance of connecting with Brett. She starts by showing that she has done her research on GO Car Wash. Thereafter, she explains why connecting to her might be useful for Brett. Dropping the name of a similar company – BlueStar Golf Resort – who is already a client effectively builds trust.

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