How To Find Email Addresses

Effectively find email addresses using this power guide. These tools and tactics were gathered by B2B sales experts to uncover prospect email addresses in all sectors. Once you’ve found your prospect’s email address head over to our guide on how to write a cold email.

What Is The Best Way To Find Someone’s Email Address?

If you have the person’s first name, last name, and company name, you can discover their email address using a permutation generator. This tool generates a long list of possible options email addresses for you to bounce check.

Use our free email permutator to automatically create a comprehensive list of possible email addresses for your prospects. Simply enter your prospect’s details and copy the list. Also, if you want the flexibility to create your own permutations, check out this email permutation spreadsheet.

Email Permutator

The free account gives you 1,000 free credits. Paste the list from the Polished email permutator and see which email address is valid. 80% of email addresses can be found within the common permutations so start with these if you don’t want to waste credits. Start with the most common formulas such as:


Neverbounce will show you which address is valid. Now you have the formula the company uses. You can use that formula to contact other prospects at the company.

You can also use Gmail to validate email addresses. Paste your list of potential emails into the “to:” field and mouse over them. If there is a profile connected to the email it will show up.

If your prospect has a GitHub account you can find their email addresses using this hack:

  • Go to the github user’s profile
  • Click into a non-forked repository
  • Find a commit
  • Click on the commit hash
  • Make sure the author is the user you are targeting
  • Add “.patch” to the end of the url
  • Magic. Look at the “From:” box near the tom of the screen.

If Your Prospect Has Twitter, Search Their Tweets

Use Twitter’s advanced search or All My Tweets allows you to look up all of the past tweets for a user. If your prospect tweets a lot there is a good chance they included their email in a past tweet. Search for the @ sign to pick out an email address. On Chrome go to the top bar Edit > Find > Find.

Pro tip: people often hide their emails from bots by replacing the @ sign with:

  • “.”
  • “dot”
  • “at”

So search for these too.

Check Other Social Media

People sometimes leave an email address in their Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn profiles. Browse these pages carefully. aggregates public records in the USA. It can be used to find:

  • People
  • Email addresses
  • Company owners
  • Company phone numbers
  • Residential addresses
  • Rental agreements
  • Company addresses

Use Email Address Lookup Sites

These sites allow you to type in a prospect’s name and get back an email. Many have free options that come with a limited number of credits. They allow you to:

  • Search by pasting in a LinkedIn profile URL
  • Search by pasting in an email address
  • Browse LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Github, CrunchBase, StackOverflow, and other profiles associated with an email address
  • Add prospects to lists
  • Download data in bulk

One of our favorite tools for email lookup is Hunter. Every day, Hunter visits millions of web pages to find actionable business data. Like search engines, they constantly keep an index of the entire web and organize data that isn’t in any other database.

They have many tools that allow you to find anyone’s email address depending on the information you have about your prospects. If you want to find a specific person in the company, enter their full name and company name into the Email Finder search, and you’ll get a verified email address right away.

You can use Domain Search to find emails of all of the people working for a specific company (segmented by department) and the Author Finder when you look for the author’s contact information of a specific article and have only the article URL.

Hunter offers 25 free email lookups and 50 email verifications on a monthly basis. Paid plans start at $49 for 500 email lookups and 1000 verifications.

Here is the list of similar to Hunter tools:

  • Chrome extension. 1,500 searches per month at $33/month. Free access. ($0.022 per search).
  • 150 free searches per month. Paid accounts start at $34/month for 1000 searches ($0.034 per search)
  • 50 free searches as a trial. Paid accounts start at $49/month for 1,000 searches ($0.049 per search).
  • 50 free searches per month. Paid accounts start at $49/month for 5000 searches ($0.010 per search).
  • Chrome extension. 100 searches per month. Free access.
  • Chrome extension. Unlimited searches per month. Free access. The quality of emails from the service is very high.

Google Search Your Prospect’s Name + Email Address

This method is often overlooked but stunningly effective. Go to Google and search for:

“Prospect First Name” + “Prospect Last Name” + “email address”

For example:

John Bates Email Address

If that fails include the company name and check the company website. You can also search for just the prospect’s name. This will sometimes throw up personal websites and social media accounts.

Call The Company Switchboard

Find the switchboard phone number on the company website. Give the operator a friendly greeting and ask for help. Let them know that you’re trying to get a guide/analysis/a report over to your prospect. Ask the operator to confirm the prospect’s email address. Then give your best guess for the email address. For example, If you’re lucky, the operator will correct you and provide the real email.

An alternative strategy is to say you just got a bounce back from your prospect’s email. Ask the operator to confirm the real email.

A final note

Want to send wickedly effective email sequences that close deals? Check out our guide for how to write the perfect cold email sequence.

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