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Josh Braun is a sales coach and one of the few people worth following on LinkedIn here. He consistently highlights ways you can improve your cold email and sales approach without selling your soul. Below we’ll cover the top Josh Braun email templates and how you can use them in your cold outreach.

If you want to learn how to build effective cold email sequences from scratch check out our full guide here.

The 5-step winner

The above example is for a lead generation service but you can customize this to fit your solution. Here’s how the formula works.

  • Before – What’s a pain prospects experience without your solution? (finding qualified leads takes takes time)
  • After – How will the world change after they use your solution? (Imagine getting a list of 5* leads back in 24 hours)
  • How – How does the solution work? (With ACME, you get fresh leads on demand in just a few clicks.)
  • Meaningful Differentiation – What sets you apart from similar solutions? (No contract lock ins. All leads verified by a human researcher.)
  • De-risk – Make it less risky or less likely to involve a financial loss. (I’ll send you a batch of sample leads.)

The quick hitter

Many people end up over-personalizing their emails by adding disingenuous comments that make the receiver feel awkward. You don’t have to personalize to be personal. Above, Josh uses the first sentence to illuminate a question that sparks curiosity. He doesn’t add false complements and shared interests.

Josh Braun’s Zelda cold email template

Below is Josh Braun’s famous Zelda deck. Here he breaks down how the Zelda template works and why it’s effective.

On slide 34 above, Josh breaks introduces the Zelda cold email template below. This template works because:

  • It highlights a problem
  • It gives an example of where the problem was solves
  • It generates curiosity by withholding a solution and asking if the prospect would like to learn more

How To Sign Off

The more desperate you are to close a deal the harder it is. Prospects can sense desperation and it makes them feel queasy.

Josh Braun has some brilliant sign off lines that put prospects at easy and increase the chance of opening up a conversion.

“Feel free to say no if you don’t see a fit.”

“Either way, good luck with the New York marathon. Remember, pain is temporary but the Instagram photo lasts a lifetime.”

“Timing is probably off, but would you be open to seeing how you could avoid overpaying taxes?”

When You Can’t Break Through

When you’ve reached out several times and without a reply take a step back and acknowledge that this approach might not be working for the prospect.

Josh Braun Email Templates – Conclusion

Good luck with your outreach.

If you want to learn how to build effective cold email sequences from scratch check out our full guide here.

These top Josh Braun email templates should help you start more conversations and close more deals. We’d strongly recommend following Josh LinkedIn here. He’s awesome!

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