Tableau Sales Resume Template

Free Tableau Sales Resume Template Download

The data visualisation software Tableau has become a popular choice for creating resumes because it provides slick formatting and can be published online. Here’s how you can create a standout sales resume in Tableau.

Tableau Sales Resume Instructions

1. Download This Template

Click the button below to download our free sales resume template and the data file that connects to the template.

2. Download Tableau for Free

Head over to Tableau here and download the free version of their data visualisation software.

3. Edit the Data File

Open the data file (CV-Data-for-Tableau.xlsx) you downloaded in step 1 and enter your data.

4. Connect the Data File

A) Select the add data source icon and click “Microsoft Excel”

Free Tableau Template Download - add data

B) Select the “CV Data for Tableau” file. Then drag the “Work Experience” table into the top window. Click on the “Timeline” tab at the bottom of the screen to return to the worksheet.

Free Tableau Template Download - select data

C) Right click on the “Work Experience” data source with the blue tick. Select “Replace Data Source”.

Free Tableau Sales Resume Template Download - replace data

D) Choose the alternative “Work Experience” data source you just imported. Now your data is connected.

Free Tableau Sales Resume Template Download - select replacement data

In future, when you update data in the “CV Data for Tableau” file, you can just right-click on the data source and choose “Refresh”

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