Why Polished?

Are you getting your teeth knocked in when cold emailing prospects?

Polished shows you how to write perfect cold emails – even if you’re not a copywriter.

It’s tough to make quota. You spend long hours sending thousands of cold emails each year. You research prospects, gather contact data, build templates, create merge tags, turn templates into sequences, import data and personalize messages. It’s blistering work. On top of that, you need to stay on top of copywriting and the latest outbound tactics.

Polished is the secret weapon for salespeople who crush quote. It gets you writing elite cold emails and gives you access the latest insider secrets on how to sell more.  With Polished, you will start more conversations and close more deals.  

How Can Polished Help You?

Polished analyzed thousands of cold emails and uncovered a library of bone-crunching mistakes made by salespeople. Here are just a few nightmarish examples:

  • Self-centered messages that don’t connect with the prospect’s problem or point of view
  • Lack of personalization, knocking out any chance to establish a personal connection
  • Complex sentences and language that make the message excruciatingly confusing 
  • Sales jargon and common clichés that create a salesy tone of voice
  • Confused, high-friction CTAs make it hard for prospects to respond

The Polished chrome extension comprehensively highlights writing mistakes, enabling you to blast out devastatingly effective emails.

1. Clear, Powerful Messages

Are you making your prospects run up hills?

Many salespeople fall back on complex language because they think it’s persuasive and makes them look smart. Others are not aware of how their word choices effect their conversion rate. 

Yale researchers found that the brain uses more energy when given a complex task. In our world everyone is short on time and attention. Prospect’s don’t have the luxury of spending an extra 5 seconds working out what you were trying to say. They’ll click back to LinkedIn and forget you.

It must be blazingly obvious that you are offering a valuable solution to their burning problem.

Polishes uses a suite of tools to craft clear messages that connect with prospects.

Before Polished:

“ACME’s 360-degree solution can optimize your supplier payment workflow, enabling you to save time without cutting corners .”

After Polished:

“ACME helps you spend less time processing payments and more time where it matters. 

2. Build Emotional Connections

Did you know that sunshine makes the stock market go up? Harvard researchers found a correlation between the amount of sunshine on a given day and stock market performance across 26 countries – because people are happier when the sun is out. 

Human decision making is a stunningly emotional process. 

Many sales reps make the mistake of crashing into the inbox with a message all about them, their company, and why their solution is the best. This is an ingenious way to end up in the spam folder. Prospects are already in a closed frame of mind when it comes to cold email. They’re busy. They get tons of junk mail. They are not interested in you and your company. 

By building an emotional connection, you can change your prospect’s frame of mind from closed to open. So when you finally deliver your pitch prospects will consider your offer seriously.

Renowned FBI negotiator and author of Never Split the Difference, Chris Voss, says the key to building a connection is empathy. You have to see and write from your prospect’s point of view. Help them better understand their problems. Help make them be awesome at their job. Empower them with knowledge and support.

Polished analyzes every email for empathetic language. If you’re not including your prospect enough you’ll see alerts start to show up.

Before Polished:

We use cutting-edge biometic multi-factor authentication to secure networks. For over 30 years we have worked diligently to protect our partners from ever changing threats.”

After Polished:

“It looks like you’re not using biometrics yet to secure your network. This could help ensure your network is not a vulnerable target.”

3. More Sales In Less Time

Outbound tactics change rapidly. Cold email alone is not enough. You need a multi-channel approach. You need a live source of breakthrough strategies.

The Polished Academy is your comprehensive guide for outbound success. We’ve gathered multi-channel examples from the front-lines to show you what is working right now. Polished users will receive tactical updates notifying them of new ways to sell more effectively. 

Polished improves your outbound campaigns with comprehensive guides and tactical updates.

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